Founded in 1964, our mission is to bring relief to people suffering from injury or musculoskeletal disorder by advancing the science, art and practice of Orthopaedic surgery.
Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) is a non-profit, NGO of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Pakistan. Members include Pakistan's Regional Health Authorities, Hospitals and Special Care Units, as well as various agencies and associations that provide health services, education and/or regulations. POA provides its more than 600 members with leadership, services and a common voice.

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My Dear Colleagues,

Advancing Orthopedics in Pakistan Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) was established in 1964. It is the fastest growing Association in Pakistan with more than nine hundred members. The most significant change is the development of orthopaedic sub specialty societies and forums. These societies and forums have been instrumental in promoting sub specialty by conducting hand on cadaveric surgery workshops with live surgeries, organizing national fellowship program and developing national orthopaedic sub specialty registries. The Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (JPOA) is indexed nationally as well as internationally. JPOA is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). There is a need to keep the momentum and accelerate the pace of modernizing the orthopedics in Pakistan. Our goal is to have orthopaedic sub specialty department at all teaching institutions across Pakistan. Read More


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