Founded in 1964, our mission is to bring relief to people suffering from injury or musculoskeletal disorder by advancing the science, art and practice of Orthopaedic surgery.
Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) is a non-profit, NGO of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Pakistan. Members include Pakistan's Regional Health Authorities, Hospitals and Special Care Units, as well as various agencies and associations that provide health services, education and/or regulations. POA provides its more than 600 members with leadership, services and a common voice.

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My Dear Colleagues,

I am really honored to be elected as president of Pakistan Orthopedic Association (POA) and taking over the charge for year 2017. I have been integral part of the association for the last twenty five years and have the privilege of serving office of POA. Gen Secretary & Executive member. Now this wonderful opportunity of serving as the president of POA has been bestowed upon me by virtue of your precious vote.
Along with tremendous recognitions of this position, it comes with enormous responsibility to discharge my duties with extreme sense of diligence, honesty and hard work. This may not be possible without your help and support. So I humbly request you to come forward with positive criticism and suggestions, to keep running the wheel. Read More

Pak Orthocon 2017