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Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) is a non-profit, NGO of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Pakistan. Launched in 1964 (Hyderabad)
Founder Members were: Prof. ZK Kazi
Prof Ali Muhammad Ansari
Late Prof. A Raheem

Aims and objectives
To bring together all professional workers interested in the field of orthopaedics and to encourage goodwill and co-operation between them.
To stimulate interest in the study and advancement of the science and practice of orthopaedics in all possible ways including propaganda, education and research.
To establish and run accident & trauma service centers and hospitals to promote the objectives of the Association.

To organize and help in the organization of Rehabilitation centers and crippled children clinics.
To arrange lectures, clinical meetings, conferences and exhibitions for the study and discussion of all the problems of orthopedics.
To co-operate or to enter into arrangement with other Association, Bodies and authorities (national & International) in all matters which are likely to promote the objectives of the Association.

Management Office Bearers

President: (one): All Pakistan basis
Vice Presidents(four): One each from four provinces
Secretary General (one): All Pakistan Basis
Joint Secretaries (Four): One each from four provinces

Treasure : All Pakistan basis.

Executive Members (four) : One each from four provinces

President Elect : All Pakistan basis

Immediate : past President

Chief Editor JPOA :Office bearers are elected every year Except Treasure & Chief Editor JPOA

Management Committees

Committees to look after various concerns of POA in a more comprehensive and coordinated manner. They hold their meeting at least twice a year.
Ethical Committee
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Election Commissioner
Education and Research Committee
Editorial Board
Committees for the Standardization of Local made Implants
Committee to Organize the Annual Conference: "Pakistan Orthocon"


Members (Life / Term): (530: 300+230)
Student members 30
Associate members 2
Honorary Fellows 4
Emeritus Fellows 17

POA Academic Activities

Fortnightly & Monthly clinical meetings at POA provincial chapters & major cities
Pre exam (FCPS / MS Orthopaedics) intensive courses. How to take Theory & Oral Examinations Workshops.
POA Fellowships: Scholarships awarded to junior consultants for one year in subspecialties training in Arthroplasty, Spine & Paediatric Orthopaedics & Ilizarov Ex fix.
POA Sub specialty Forums Workshops & Courses

Pakistan Orthopaedic Association Forum

Pakistan Orthopaedic Association Forum
POA Spine Forum.
POA Trauma Forum.
POA Ilizarov Forum (ASAMI Chapter)
POA Paediatric Orthopaedic Forum
POA Arthroplasty / Arthroscopic surgery Forum
Spine trauma: Hand on Training Workshops, cadaver & Live surgery. OA international has recognized Guki trust hospital Lahore for AO Spine workshop
Hand surgery: hand on training & live surgery workshop
Pelvis & Acetabulum fractures fixation hand on training & Live surgery workshop

Foot and Ankle Forum

The forum aims to promote development of sub specialty care in Foot and Ankle disorders by improving knowledge and skills related to diagnosis and management of disorders of foot and ankle.

POA Forum Activities
AO Foundation Basic & Advanced Course & workshops
AO Foundation workshop for Operative Room Personals
LCP Hand on training Workshop
Plate Internal fixation & Interlocking Nailing Hand on Training workshop
Total Knee Arthroplasty: hand on training, cadaver & Live surgery
Total Hip Arthroplasty: Hand on training & Live Surgeryv
Arthroscopy Knee: Hand on Training & Live surgery
Ilizarov fixation: Hand on Training & live demonstration
Club foot Ponseti technique: hand on training on models, live on patients & Cadaver PCT workshop
DDH Workshops
CDH live surgery
Salters Osteotomy Hand on training on bone models
Ortolani & Barlow's tests Hand on training on test models
Cerebral Palsy course & workshop
Hand on Examination Workshop on patients
Gait Laboratory Demonstration

POA Social Activities

Joint secretaries arrange social activities — families get together at various major cities & provincial headquarters.
Regional Liaison with OA SAARC countries
International Liaison with

Liaisons Objectives

To ensure mutual understanding & cooperation between regional and international associations, to know each others problems, exchange knowledge & recent advancements
To exchange experts from various specialties of orthopaedics to provide opportunities of training for junior fellows/consultants.
To provide an opportunity for implant instrument industry to develop further to achieve state art
That all in the better benefit of medical education and the patients at large.


With this objectives today over 128 delegates from Pakistan (82 POA members + 30 spouse children) are participating in APOA congress at New Delhi Multiple papers & poster are being presented by Pakistani Delegate

3 faculty are participating in workshops

3 Guest lectures being presented

A workshop on DEFORMITY Correction held by APOA at Lahore - Pakistan on 15* October

Similarly we had an opportunity to have multiple delegates and experts who participated in Pak orthocon in recent past


The POA appreciate, acknowledge the hospitality & support provided by APOA India & IOA Delhi Organizers and for their immense support for getting visit to so big delegate of POA

The POA also acknowledge and thanks President APOA a dynamic personalities: Prof HKT Raza, Prof Anil Arora, Prof Ram Prabhoo, Prof Jamal Ashraf and all others for organizing this wonderful monument of education & training the golden jubilee congress and awarding Pakistan ”POA as a Co-Host of this congress of world leaders in orthopaedic surgery


Pak Orthocon 2017