Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Kaim Khani
Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA)

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for me to write these introductory words for the Pakistan Orthopaedic Association official fellowship Announcement.

The Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) has come a long way in its very short history and is expeditiously progressing towards its goal of becoming a leading professional organization in the international ranking. The reason of this remarkable success story lies in its constant persuasion and focus on eduction and hands-on trainings.

During the last few years, POA has focused on its national fellowship programs. There are 54 opportunities of national fellowships in the following sub specialties across various Centres in Pakistan.

  1. Arthroplasty
  2. Deformity Correction & bone regeneration
  3. Hand surgery
  4. Orthopaedic Oncology (new)
  5. Paediatric Orthopaedics
  6. Sport Surgery and Arthroscopy  (new)
  7. Spine Surgery
  8. Trauma 

Last year we received 74 applications for POA National fellowships which shows the interest of young blood towards the subspecialties. Selection of the candidates was through a very transparent process according to criteria that have been developed by the previous executive boards.

It would be unfair if we don’t mention the effort of research & education committee and it`s Chairman Prof. Anisuddin Bhatti who scrutinized every application, and arranged interviews for all the candidates. This year two new fellowships have been started in the subspecialties of Orthopaedic Oncology and Sport Surgery and Arthroscopy.

In order to maintain the quality of POA fellowships, POA Executive Board has worked the entire year to improve on the guidelines , criteria for fellowships centers, supervisors and fellows.

The new criteria and guide lines developed have been advertised on the website.

Slots for international fellows

POA board decided to keep three slots for international fellows to be trained in Pakistan. These will be unpaid. These fellowships slots will be advertised through our web site and foreign fellows can apply to POA to avail these opportunities.

At the end I would like to emphasize that POA has provided a great platform to our young Orthopaedic surgeons for getting subspecialties trainings and fellowships. I can visualize that in near future, surviving without a subspecialty training in this country will be very difficult for an Orthopaedic surgeon. Now is the time that you come forward and avail this opportunity so that you don’t stay behind in the professional carrier.

Phone: +92213 2294825

Prof. Anisuddin Bhatti
Chairman, Research and Education Committee
Pakistan Orthopaedic Association

Indeed it is a matter of great joy and personal satisfaction for me to see the fruits of seeds we sow in 2006 to spread Knowledge and transform skill by creating Orthopaedic sub-specialty forums. Mentors in Pakistan Orthopaedic fraternity, the “POA” have really worked hard to create & continuously upgrade the subspecialty raining centers within Pakistan, not only to share experiences, knowledge but impart “hands on training skill” to our young Orthopods. Some of these Mentees Alhamdulillah! have attained the status of mentors, transforming their skill very amicably and have become a great asset to our Orthopaedic Community, “the POA”.

The Pakistan Orthocon 2008 was a unique conference in history where the Subspecialty forums held all the sessions and these were the days when 03 sub-specialty centers got recognition to start super-specialty training in Arthroplasty (IOS), Spine (Gurki) and Paediatrics (CHL).  In 2012 recognized centers were six, and thereafter in 2015-2017 there was a fast growth that POA Training & Research committee recognized 18 subspecialty centers and today 23 centers are providing subspecialty hands on training Skill in almost all subjects, with a recent induction of Ortho-Oncology and Sports Injury / arthroscopy. Till date these Subspecialty centers of POA have awarded 01-year hand on training to 30 and 06 months training to 6 consultants orthopaedic surgeons.

It is a great hard work and enthusiasm of our mentors that they have attained a status not  less than an international centers that a significant number of “International applicants” are requesting for Sub-specialty training at our centers in Pakistan, that indeed is a great honour and prestige for our community, ”the POA”

With this preamble, the POA Education & Research Committee announce 54 scholarships, including Spine, Arthroplasty, Ilizarov, Sports Trauma / Arthroscopy & Ortho-Oncology for POA members, the young Orthopaedic surgeons.