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My Dear Colleagues,

I am really honored to be elected as president of Pakistan Orthopedic Association (POA) and taking over the charge for year 2017. I have been integral part of the association for the last twenty five years and have the privilege of serving office of POA. Gen Secretary & Executive member. Now this wonderful opportunity of serving as the president of POA has been bestowed upon me by virtue of your precious vote.
Along with tremendous recognitions of this position, it comes with enormous responsibility to discharge my duties with extreme sense of diligence, honesty and hard work. This may not be possible without your help and support. So I humbly request you to come forward with positive criticism and suggestions, to keep running the wheel.

Over the year my professional predecessors have done a commendable job in bringing the organization to this level. I strongly believe in democratic way of development of any organization. It is for me to encourage each one of you to feel free to write to me regarding your input for academic development, and we will do our best.

A number of fellowships are now available and so are the opportunities to attend workshops and scientific programs. I would like to encourage you to make best use of these underutilized opportunities. I would recommend that you write to POA Office to get details of the academic programs. Bone bank standardizing is in process and hopefully be completed soon. This will make the lives of both patients and surgeons comfortable. Insha Allah we can achieve many more milestones, I strongly believe in unity so together we are strength and can convince government quarters to acquire the goals set with your help and guidance, as opportunities continue to surface.

As a “Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”. I am an optimist and always looking for opportunities to avail.

Lastly, I take this privilege to congratulate all the elected members of executive board and hope they will discharge their duties accordingly to further the cause of POA. We are a grown up family of more than 8 hundred now. I have a feeling that instead of long conventional voting process consuming the whole day and inducing distractions from academic activities, we should develop electronic voting process to save finance and time. I need your feedback in this regards.

One again I express my gratitude for your cooperation and hope to continue the same. You may contact, Mr. Syed Saad the Admin officer for any query or directly me, My contact and email follows.

Pakistan Paindabad.
POA Zindabad.

Dr. Zia Ullah Bajwa
President, Pakistan Orthopedic Association

Pak Orthocon 2017