Update on Current Scenario of POA

Respected POA members.


I am writing to provide you with an update regarding recent developments following our 2nd meeting with the Director of Commerce and Industries on 2nd February 2024, held at his office in Karachi. After extensive discussions, it has become apparent that currently, the valid  executive board as per ist November 2023 election which was conducted under supervision of board and election commission  is not allowed to function fully as per notification by Assistant Registrar stock company  hyderabad office  dated 8.12.2023.

Only myself as the President, Dr. Israr Ahmed as Treasurer, and Prof. Dr. Tehseen Riaz as the Immediate Past President, is permitted to run day-to-day affairs in including the payment of stipends to ongoing fellows and POA monthly/fortnightly meetings ettc

As you all know, one group/party has filed a case in the lower court in Hyderabad regarding the validity of their election held on 30th October 2023, conducted without the approval and supervision of both Election Commission and Executive Board. Furthermore, they have registered their board at the Assistant Registrar’s office in Hyderabad using unconstitutional documents.

The Director of Commerce and Industries karachi office may release a report of the inquiry, which could potentially exacerbate the situation.

Furthermore, all POA activities, including subspecialty fellowship programs 2024, Executive Board meetings, and General Body meetings, are suspended and will remain so until a court decision regarding the validity of the board is reached, followed by the completion of a one-year tenure.

Upon validation of the executive board by the lower court, the tenure will commence from the day of conclusion of all proceedings.

It is important to note that the 37th International PAK OrthoCon of POA and the next POA Election will be delayed accordingly or will be held next year.

The new date for the hearing in the lower court in Hyderabad is tomorrow, 12th February 2024.

As President of POA, I am committed to abiding by the POA constitution and rectifying any wrongdoing, in consultation with the Executive Board, Constitution Committee, and POA members (through GB) InshaAllah.

Your suggestions as POA members would be highly appreciated.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan


Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA)

Copy information to:

a.       Assistant Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, Hyderabad

b.       POA Head Office, Karachi

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